Larry Balkwill wants you to have a “wonderful” experience in the purchase of your home.

Answering all questions, being totally transparent and giving quality service and guidance are only a few of the important factors of an excellent client/advisor experience. Formulating a plan is the key to any venture, including the buyer of a new home.

Let’s plan your future in your home!

Once Larry has the parameters of your purchase: price, location and checklist, he can put you on his client list. Once a day, MLS listings are reviewed. You will be sent copies of “potential properties.” Please these properties and, if possible, do a “drive-by” to confirm that the location is suitable.

They say “a photo is worth a thousand words”. Not so, in real estate photos. Any obvious deficiencies will be mentioned to you, prior to viewing. I don’t want to waste your time. These are times of video walkthroughs and many photos, but  you need to “feel” your new home. This cannot be achieved by video walkthrough. Let me “show” you your potential new home and feel the “essence” of the home.


What is said here, stays here. My conversations with clients are private and confidential.