We have found a house that you want. Time to put it in writing. This house ticks off all of the boxes and you want it!

My job is to get you  information on the house, the market, and that area of town. As well, I will advise you of any potential offers and recommend a “strategy” so that your offer is the most attractive to the seller. Remember; less is best. We will try to keep conditions to a minimum, while at the same time, protecting your position in the purchase.

Terms of your Offer

Here are some of the “terms” associated with the offer:

  • Deposit: A regular bank cheque or draft can be used. It does not have to be certified. It will have to be deposited by the listing broker within 24 hours of the time of acceptance unless otherwise stated in the offer. Some buyers are out of the country and must wire the deposit. This can take 3 or 4 days.
  • Irrevocable Time: The date and time that the buyer gives the seller to respond to the offer. Every time the offer is countered, this time is usually changed.
  • Inclusions/Exclusions: Examples of these are appliances, window coverings and light fixtures. They can be included in the sale or excluded. We must be very careful to list the appliances by make and model. Taking a photo is always a good idea, as well. Some sellers have been known to change appliances. I am a very detail oriented agent. That’s why you hired me.
  • Conditions: Standard conditions are financing, inspection, appraisal and insurance coverage. These conditions are usually up to 5 working days in duration, from the date of acceptance of the offer.
  • Financing: A condition that allows you to get an approval to buy the house, from a lending institution. You should have been pre-approved by the lending institution prior to the offer.
  • Home Inspection: Some brokers have a pre-listing inspection. These are excellent referral documents, but remember, these inspectors have no liability. Best to get one done; yourself. Cost is between $500 and $700. Usually takes three hours and you “inspect” with the inspector. It is a learning course for your new home. Make sure you attend the inspection.
  • Insurance: Best to contact your insurance company. They will send you a questionnaire of basics of the house, i.e. age of electrical, amperage, construction material etc. Get their approval for a policy. You will need one at time of closing.

There are many more conditions that pertain to condos, rural properties and multi-units. We customize all conditional clauses in your offer to suit your needs and protect you, throughout the purchase process.

  • Closing Date: When you want to take possession of the house. Sometimes a seller has a specific date in mind. Sometimes the buyer has a specific date in mind. This is a negotiating item.

Offer Presentation

This is where I earn most of my commission. We  fine-tune the offer,  to say to the seller “you should sell to us”. There may be other buyers and offers on the house, as well. My job is to make our offer the most attractive to the seller. This is why the presentation is so important. I highly recommend a short letter, from the buyers, to the sellers. They are selling their home. You are buying their home. Let them know how much you love their home.

My success rate, when dealing with competitive offers, is very high.

Our Offer is Accepted

We are accepted. The conditions that we inserted into the offer are now in effect.


I can recommend and, I’m sure your friends can recommend a qualified home inspector. Please make sure that he or she is qualified and accredited. There are many “handy men” come “home inspectors” out there. You want an educated appraisal of the structure of your new home. Nothing is worse than a “surprise” repair a year after you buy the house. I remain neutral in the selection, but I will be at the home, during the inspection, to give you my opinions; only if asked.

Inspections do not include HVAC systems, chimneys, furnaces and air conditioners. It is highly recommended to hire an HVAC company to inspect the furnace and air conditioning. As well, a chimney company can inspect the fireplace and chimney for your safety and reassurance. At the end of an inspection, you will get a report, in writing. Take time to review it and if there are any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the home inspector.

For a list of qualified home inspectors, please go here.